The dream

31 octobre 2021

This is the story of a dream. An escape from reality. A fantasy waiting to one day come to life.
Fill the air with mist and serendipity.
Walk in beauty with the purity of a touch made of gold.
What if you were dreaming about someone, only to be woken up by the very person you had been dreaming about ?
Free yourself. Capture the infinity and suspend it in time.
Dear love, for nothing less than this, would I have broke this happy dream.
Give my soul serenity and give my heart a song.
Living in the shadow of love. Get lost in translation.
Blinded by the light.
Look past the reflection in the mirror and you will see hope.
Consciousness through creation. Touched by something sacred.
The marriage of true minds to find the missing parts of your identity.
A fantasy waiting for its happy ending is now a fairytale come true.

Crédits photo :

Planning & DA : Mélie Rubbo @thesweetromance

Décoration : Mélie Rubbo @thesweetromance

Lieu : Abbaye des Prémontrés @abbayepremontres

Papeterie : Studio LPM @studio.lpm

Robes : Mannda @mannda_joliebride

Costume : JP costumes @jpcostumes

MUA et coiffure : Charlotte @leonart_mua

Couple de modèles : Lucie @lumen_candela_lux et Maxime @maxime_tbb